Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wildlife Wednesday - Orchid beetle

I wrote a post about Orchid Beetles in April 2014, which seems such a long time ago, and I've another cool photo of one to share today!

I had a tiny orchid growing on my tree fern and it captured my attention, so I was out taking a photo every day.

One day, much to my horror, I found the orchid beetle on it. They suck from the flower and kill it. I had them on my spider orchids and they ate every flower. So, I didn't want that, but I hate killing things.

While procrastinating about the murder I had to commit, I took some photos, including this cool one of the beetle on his back.

And then the bugger flew off! So my procrastinating meant I had to keep being vigilant. Eventually I got the beetle and transferred him to another plant away from the orchid (I still couldn't kill the cute thing!) and I haven't seen him again - yet the flower died, so maybe he'd done his damage.

So Bug 1, Cate 0!

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