Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Married At First Sight - more weddings

I was late turning on the second night's show - oops - so I missed the intros. Can't watch them until tomorrow on the 9Now app. But here's what I observed and picked up after the experts' intros.

Craig, 42, and Andy 40.
Both have been cheated on in the past and so monogamy is very important for them. Both felt alone as teens and coming out was isolating.

Andy is a control freak and spreadsheet crazy. He keeps people at a distance but he's committing to this experiment.

Craig is looking for an equal, but someone who adores him too. When this guys gets stressed, he gets sort of angry and snarly and irrational. Seems like a drama queen.

Their 'wedding' moved to NZ, and wasn't shown in the episode. So waiting to update tomorrow night.

Bella, 30, and Michael 32.
Bella is a radio announcer, career girl, into Sex In The City. She's described as warm, vibrant, cosmopolitan, but in the past she's been a help-a-holic picking up 'bad' boys who need help.

Michael is ambitious and has his own business. He's self-made from poor beginnings. He's described as confident, grounded, emotionally mature. He has a 6 year old son in NZ.

The experts liked the 'creative commonality' of this pair.

At the 'wedding', they were both stressed but okay at first meeting. Both into each other but at first there was no contact, just words and mutual shaking. They both seemed to have quite over-the-top, but almost mirrored, reactions. When they did hold hands, they clung and then he gave her lots of soothing thumb strokes. After the 'ceremony' they had a crazy insane pash with her going in hard, but him up for it.

My concern is, will this 'insta-love' will burn out. They can both talk, so if they can get through by talking to each other, it may work. One good thing to see is that insta-love/lust is real, let's see how it goes!

Jess, 31, and Dave, 28.
Jess seems very sure about doing this experiment. She's loud but deep down is quite insecure (my observation; no expert opinion on these two yet), especially about her looks. She does seem to be quite desperate to find love.

Dave seems kind of dorky but happy being that. He comes across a bit shy/unsure too, although maybe that's my observation only and might be wrong. He admits he needs some physical attraction for this to work.

At the 'wedding' he doesn't look like he's happy when he meets her, but she's not unhappy at all. They're both awkward and he seems to step away from her at the 'altar' (and I initially thought she knew this and would be hurt from it, but judging from what she said after, I'm wrong). They're both standoffish, but both say they're committed to the process and will work at it. She comes across as quite confident (making full eye contact with him, answering the 'vows' quickly), and for him this is a turn on.

Before these two met, I said, "I can't see this pair making it." They just seemed very different types of people. Yet, I hope I'm wrong.

Let's see what tomorrow's night show brings - the trailers are promising someone walks! It'll probably be the people I think will stick :)

So...any one else got picks for who'll make it and who may not?

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