Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Married At First Sight - last of the weddings

This is the last of the show for this week - but with 3 episodes next week, I might save my notes for the third show and write 1 post. Trailers indicate lots of failures early on, so interesting times ahead.

So, from tonight's episode:

Craig & Andy got married. They were polite on meeting, but there seemed to be a good sense of fun. Their celebrant was quite intrusive and that caused them to bond. They have quite a relaxed manner with each other. Early on Craig was quite gushy and really into Andy, who was more reticent, but I think the photos changed this reticence. Andy's afraid of heights and they had a helicopter flight, which allowed Craig to hold Andy's hand and 'protect' him. It seemed to flip the roles and make both settle better.

But then at the reception, Craig introduced Andy to one of his guests - his ex, after a 13 year long relationship. It didn't go down well. In the end a straight talking female friend got Andy to see this from a different view, but I think Andy will have trust issues.

Craig's quite showy, Andy reticent, so I wonder how that will go.

Bella & Michael we didn't see a lot of tonight and maybe because they were still all over each other. By the end of the evening, he still hadn't mentioned his child, so that makes me wonder how that conversation will go. He's very emotional and quite into talking about his feelings, hopes and dreams (or maybe it's just these speeches).

These two are like the fairy tale wedding and I wonder if that will last. Will they get past the 'dreamy' first impressions to find the person beneath, and will they like that person too?

I'd love to see insta-love work, but... I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Jess and Dave were so very awkward together in the 'ceremony' and during the photos. It was really difficult to watch because they made little attempt to help each other, and neither seemed to know what to do. After the photos they sat together for a bit and talked and they began to relax slightly. They seem to share a similar sense of humour, but there's so much reserve beneath the goofy fun. I don't know if they'll get past the surface and like the depths.

There was quite a lot of relaxed family/friend interaction at the reception, which didn't seem as obvious in other events, so that may indicate that there are a lot of similarities.

Jess seems to be the driver though. He says he's into her and pleased, and he does initiate a few kisses and touches, but on the whole, she leads, she holds him, she moves in on him, she asks the questions. And they have very little real eye contact. There's so much holding back.

The shows are edited, and I wonder if they're edited in such a way to put you off working things out. So that ruins some of my fun... but anyway, to me, it seemed like the first two couples, Keller & Nicole, and Monica & Mark, were more down to earth (or maybe it's less showy) than the next three. But it's the magic of TV, it could be anything!!

I'll await next week's shows and see who sticks out the honeymoon. The shorts seemed to indicate two split before the honeymoon is over and if I had to pick (which is really difficult) I'd guess Jess and Dave because they seem so distant already. It could be any of the others - Bella has to accept the child Michael has (if he tells her). I'm not sure how Andy and Craig will go with their trust issues. Keller and Nicole have his tattoos and his leaving the Navy to work around.

I'll say that it won't be Monica and Mark because I think they have enough in common and few issues, so they should be able to get through for a bit.Let's see :)


  1. I've never watched an episode of Married at First Sight. I'm not even sure what night it's on or if they even show it in WA? I wasn't watching much TV anyway while we were on holiday, and you know me - I'd far rather read or watch footy.
    I also aren't into that Zumbo's Desserts cooking show. All the cooking reality shows have gone old on me and I didn't even watch The Voice this year and couldn't tell you who won.
    I'm no help to you!
    But good on you for writing the posts :)

    1. It's an odd show, Lily, but I'm a bit intrigued in trying to learn, or watching the disasters!

      Oh, that Zumbo thing is odd. The studio is some weird, sickly sweet thing and it's creepy. And he's sort of stilted and odd. I can't watch it. It's cringeworthy!

      Footy finals time - that's what our TV is on mostly! :)

      So good catching up with you :) I loved that! Glad you had a good holiday after, and a win!

      Cate xo