Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wildlife Wednesday - seagulls

Seagulls are everywhere down here but I still like taking photos of them! These ones made a good reflection in a shallow rock pool.

I have this strange fascination watching seagull groups for all the interaction and scolding that goes on. Have you ever sat and watched a group?

A few weeks back Dad and I had a picnic, We didn't have seagull food because we had hard rice crackers and cheese, so we weren't sharing but it didn't stop them coming close to try. As one bird came close, another would hunker down, neck lowered and head stretched out and start squawking at the bird who dared to come too close. Then another bird would squawk at the next one to move. I couldn't seem to work out the hierarchy because it seemed different birds did all the fussing. So it fascinates me, trying to understand the un-understandable :)

Have you got the key to seagull behaviour?

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