Thursday, July 14, 2016

Footy again

After my rant last game, I thought I better write something a little more positive, since NSW managed a win.

I thought some blokes had super games - Tyson Frizel again was outstanding. Lethal when he ran off Aaron Woods, but they seemed to not do that after a Frizel's try - which is weird. If something works, wouldn't you keep doing it?

Josh Jackson and Wade Graham had good games too. They ran hard, made ground and played fairly.

I thought Josh Dugan was doing well until he came off injured. James Tedesco was good - some good runs, solid at fullback. Josh Mansour was good, but he and Tedesco look so alike, I got a bit confused (dark beards, you know!).

The halves made a not bad job of unfamiliar positions.

But hey, those hotheads were still there. Please, please please get rid of them. They unsettle the whole team's ability to play. Once a hothead loses his mind, then it all seems to fall apart and a few others follow and footy gets forgotten for being a dick.

After Greg Inglis hit Dugan in a tackle, that side of the field became niggly and nasty. Jack Bird came on and settled that all down. He was fantastic. Good sportsmanship was shown a couple of times to Inglis and all the niggly nasty settled. More blokes like Jack Bird, please.

I don't think I want to start on the refereeing... but I think that helped the win, majorly!

I didn't see the tackle on Cooper Cronk right in the beginning of the game so I can only go on what the commentators said - pretty sure the TV coverage left the kicker once the ball did. Apparently Tyson Frizel tackled him hard. No idea if it was late or dirty or what, but I'm guessing just a hard hit. But I think it either hurt or rattled Cronk. He just wasn't on his game. Before his sin binning, he seemed to be racing up in defence as if to shut anything down before it got hairy. He's usually a superb reader of the play but to tackle a man without the ball is unexpected from him. I wonder how much of an impact that big tackle early in the game had.

Anyway, those are my musings. I hope a few hotheads are gone for 2017 and we start a culture where we play footy and use talent, not fury/brain snaps. And also show good sportsmanship - not walking away from a trophy presentation. If junior kids did that, we'd be all over them. What a poor example. There's no excuse for that.

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