Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wildlife Wednesday - Emu chicks

Recently at the zoo, there were a clutch of little emu chicks.

I'm usually fond of zoos and the role they play in education of the general public. Sometimes I get sad though, that animals have to be tucked into such small cages or exhibits - and these chicks brought out that feeling.

I've written about the emus I've seen out west a few times, you can see the older posts here. Even when the chicks are this little, their father, who is the major care-giving parent, leads them on walks across the countryside finding food. Imagine what the chicks must be exposed to. Imagine how their little bodies grow and muscle up. And these guys are in a tiny hutch, parent-less.

I'm hoping that when the visitors go, they get to roam around and explore their environment. I'm hoping that they're a great educational tool and they bring lots of knowledge to the general public.

But a part of me feels for the babes.

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