Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wildlife Wednesday - rutting roos

Today's photo is of some kangaroos at the Nowra Zoo, making more kangaroos. I'm pretty sure the female in this photo has a joey in her pouch. It's not the best photo with that great pole in the shot, but Mr E was absolutely horrified that I was taking the photo, and was trying to drag me away, so it's all I could quickly snap! I don't think he was worried about me being corrupted...I think he was worried about having to answer any questions as there were kids with us - and you know how kids love their questions! And I always seem to give too much information (apparently!).


  1. Bonking bugs, bonking roos... I'm sensing a trend, Cate!

    1. I know, Lily, I have one more special one next week... then back to regular programming :) I just wasn't sure what to do with these 3 unusual images, so I thought a little series leading into Christmas :)

      Cate xo