Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wildlife Wednesday - Bonking Bugs

In the lead up to Christmas, I thought we'd celebrate with some bonking animal style!

When I was at uni, we used to do collections, one was for insects, and one of the guys joked that you got extra points for bonking critters but they had to still be joined. We all laughed.

But that comment has stuck in my mind (you know, those things have a habit of sticking!).

Every time I happen across bonking critters, I get this flash through my mind of, "Well, extra points today, Cate." If I catch it in a photo, I give myself an extra point again. I don't have a lot of points because it's not something I see often and because of that, it's special.

I think sex is sacred's what animals are driven to do, to procreate. It's specially and specifically timed to give optimum chance for offspring. It's driven by pheromones, seasonal conditions, peak performance and health of the animal. It's not random like it often is when humans have sex.

And so, my celebration of bonking begins with two Harlequin bugs. I found a fun post about them here, with lots more mating shots. It's a gardening post, so you shouldn't get taken anywhere awful!

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