Friday, August 21, 2015

Phallic Friday - messy/dirty partners

This is the last of the fetishes on my list and I'm not sure if it's a serious one or just a laugh, but it was on a few lists, so I guess it's real.

Salirophilia - it has a name, so it must be real - and when I look that up, it's about smearing make up, making a partner dirty/messy during sex, messing up the partner's hair or clothing. Those are the tame then moves into mud, scat play, golden showers, and other such fetishes.

It seems to be another fetish that overlaps with D/s and many other fetishes that we've discussed over the last few months.

These blog posts have been such fun. I've thoroughly enjoyed my research into the weird, wonderful and wacky things that people enjoy to enhance their sexual gratification.

I hope to use all of this research in a book I've got half started, temporarily called Awakening. But doing all this research, and after other writing, I've changed my thoughts and I think I need to scrap what I've got and start again. So my new plan is to submit it by the end of 2015 - good luck to me (I'll need it!).

Hope you've enjoyed a walk into the world of fetishes!

And please, let me know if I've missed your favourite fetish.


  1. I have loved the fetishes. I can't believe how many there are or how much you've gone into it. I've learned so much.
    Good and bad news about the book. God it sucks having to scrap stuff you've started with. It's not like anything is ever 'easy' to write.
    Good luck with the goal!

    1. Thanks, Lily! It's never easy to write - or to know how to write the story in your head. I always seem to do a LOT of trial and I need to find a way that means less words chucked in the 'rubbish'.

      I'm glad you've enjoyed the fetishes. It's been a great learning experience for me too :)

      Cate xo