Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wildlife Wednesday - filling in photo gaps

I've got a few photos to fill in the gaps I had in recent weeks. First up is the photo of my magpie 'family'. The three youngsters are on the left, the two adults on the right. I was peering out the backdoor to take the shot as they wouldn't agree to a family portrait for me! :)

Then I found the butterfly again (well, probably not the exact same one) and (s)he sat with their wings open for me so I could get a photo to go with the resting wings shot. They don't look like the same butterfly species, do they - but I promise they are.

And can you see that club antenna in the shadow of the "wings open" photo, on the right against the pale leaf background?
Wings open

Resting wings
I like when I can fill in my photo gaps :)

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