Friday, March 27, 2015

Phallic Friday - leg things

Oh, no, it got to Friday already and my post isn't done--Lily's going to tweet me!

So, this week's topic is 'leg things' because the itemised list is too long for the title! It's shoes, stockings, feet and toes.

The most famous of these fetishes, in my mind, is when Fergie had her toes sucked. Now, I can't remember any details except that some man sucked her toes and there were photos exposing the affair. I remember when it made headlines that I was completely confused as to (a) why it made a headline, (b) what was the big deal about toe sucking, and (c) why anyone equated it with sex. Just did a Google, and if you want more info on the Royal scandal, try here. It happened in 1992, so no wonder my memory is a bit hazy!And no wonder I didn't understand what it all meant (although, sadly, I was old enough to understand).

Prior to this I had my first introduction to the fetish, with Frank 'N' Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I developed a bit of a crush on men with hot legs in stockings! Daniel Abenieri was the man mostly, but this young actor called Russel Crowe really took my breath away when he was Riff Raff and Frank. But nothing at all prepared me for a friend dressing like this *fans self* *changes subject*

Heels, towering stilettos, follow-me-fuck-me shoes are usually the ones associated with this fetish. But they do nothing but make me wince! :) But watch some men when there's a good set of heels and nice pins go walking past...most men can't help but follow, at least with their eyes! High, high heels are a pretty common fetish.

Then there's the foot fetish people. The ones who love feet. I always think of men loving women's feet, but I'm sure it applies both ways. Some men get off on touching, rubbing and kissing a good looking foot. Some like a foot to massage their cock for extra stimulation. Some like to suck on feet - or toes - like Fergie's lover.

Leg things are quite a prominent fetish...and I wonder if that's because it's a non-genital body part that can easily be exposed, and exalted, in public without undue horror of the masses?


  1. Oooh, talk about just in time! Now I came here looking for your Wattpad link to Deeper Diving... why isn't it on your FB profile? I wanna find it!

    1. Ooopppsss....I suck at promo. Never even thought about it. Ainslie will kill me!

      Thanks for the reminder!

      Cate xo