Friday, December 20, 2013

Phallic Friday - sex that hurts

I read this news article that horrified me.

In that news story, it said that a 200 kg man was having sex with a 50 kg woman and when he thrust, she went through the wall behind them (or her head did) and he thought he had killed her.

This story shocks me because the couple have agreed for it to be a part of a new TV show. They are no longer together and the incident happened some time ago...but why do you want your sex life to be documented to a world-wide audience?

And I gather there will be many more people sharing their sex that hurts stories on a show documenting sex that ended in the ER.

What stresses me about this story is that the man was a virgin and his girlfriend was seducing him...but where was her care for herself or for him? Where was her self-preservation? To go head first through the wall, she had to be beneath him. She was beneath him? Why would she take a more dominant role as the instigator and be on top?

She was tiny, he was large...isn't it safer to be on top? I would have been, especially for his first time when hormones are going to over-rule his brain. But maybe he was more sensible than other men I've known. Maybe I don't know enough to comment - and I have only read this news article.

Should we be having sex that ends us in the ER? Gosh, that's kind of serious, isn't it?

But sometimes we do have unsafe sex, or sex that makes us uncomfortable, and I know I've sometimes just gone along with it rather than stop it...because it's easier, or I have a strong feeling the guy isn't trying to hurt me and will be embarrassed to know he has.

But that's wrong. I should never have sex where I can be harmed or uncomfortable. I should enjoy it as much as my partner. I should be happy, safe and aroused. I have to be strong enough to make sure my needs are met. And you should be too.

How do you feel about sex that hurts? Or this TV show?


  1. Why do you keep posting stuff that makes me go OMG - wait till Cate reads Fairway!

    1. OMG! Now I can't wait to read it! Roll on 8th Jan!

      Cate xo