Friday, December 6, 2013

Phallic Friday - Experimental Marriage and other words

I have this gem of a book called, The Wordsworth Dictionary of Sex, which often is used for checking a strange word that pops into my mind when writing! I thought I'd pick some random words to share with you today.

Experimental marriage - an arrangement in which a man and a woman agree, verbally or in writing, to live together to test their compatibility and to determine if they should enter into a formal marriage. Seven-year experimental marriages were common in 10th Century England, and marriages of 1 year were permitted in Scotland before the Reformation. More recently they have been permitted in rural Latin America to determine the ability of the couple to produce children.

I wonder how many continue through to the formal marriage?

Peg House - a slang term for a homosexual brothel. The name derives from such establishments in southeast Asia where between clients, prostitutes sat on pegs to keep their anuses suitably distended.

Tribadism - a lesbian practice in which one partner lies on top of the other and simulates coitus by rubbing the genitals together. The partner who plays the 'male' role usually has an especially large clitoris and is called a tribade (Greek tribein, 'to rub')

Zipper Ring - an intrauterine contraceptive device made of coils of nylon thread. Its claimed advantage is that it can be inserted without prior mechanical dilation of the cervix.

Bone Queen - an American homosexual slang term for a person who is extremely fond of performing fellatio.

Dugs - an archaic term for the female breasts

Can't imagine why that term went out of fashion!!

Do you have any good words to share?


  1. Good God. I can't get past 'peg house'... nothing tops that!

    1. Heee heee heee. I thought of you when I saw that one. It boggles the mind, doesn't it? I hope they 'owned' their own peg and didn't share. :)

      Cate xo