Friday, January 18, 2013

Phallic Friday - Fantasies

Fantasy by definition is: imagination, especially when unrestrained (The Macquarie Dictionary).

If you look at that definition, everything you write is fantasy but I wanted to look at sexual fantasy.

Sexual fantasy, in my mind, is when your unrestrained imagination finds something that stimulates your mind and causes arousal. For me, there can be sexual fantasies that you're happy to experience, and then the ones that stay locked tight in your mind, only for your private arousal and never for sharing/acting.

When I was young, I went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show stage show. I'd seen it on TV and I enjoyed it, but wow, as a stage show I was blown away. I wanted Frank'N'Furter, in a big way, those stockings got to me. It helped that Daniel Abineri had great legs, and Russel Crowe, who had even better legs, was Riff Raff, I fell in lust!. I did tell you I went many many times, and this was the late 1980s, didn't I?.

This was a fantasy I could share... but how many men will dress in stockings for you? LOL. I did find a brave man once - he wasn't Russel Crowe but he had great legs. There was no Time Warp dancing but I'll never forget the moment he walked out and I saw what he was wearing. I became a puddle of lust in about three seconds. Not just that he was wearing stockings, but he did it for me. He wanted to please me. A very heady high.

Capturing the indecision about sharing, the fear of the reaction in the other person, the secret thrill of acting out the fantasy, and the sharing of something private and personal, is what I try to capture in my stories. I'm not sure I do it well but I'm working on it.

Someone who does it well is Charlotte Stein Have you read her books? She writes in the first person about fetishes, dropping you into the mind of the heroine so you can understand the motivation, the thrill and the reasoning behind enjoying the fetish/fantasy.

So what fantasies would you like to read about? I'm looking for a new idea.


  1. Hi Cate
    I have the man for you!
    I know of a guy who enjoys wearing tights. Unlike your guy who "wore the stockings for you", I guess this guy wore them for himself, because he liked them. And that probably makes it more of a fetish than a fantasy. (Maybe you can do me a post on the difference! I'm getting myself an education here on Phallic Fridays!).
    Lily M

  2. LOL! Don't believe a word I say, Lily! I'm no oracle :)

    I'm jealous. I've never met a man with a stocking fetish... hope he had good legs to go with them. Oh, gee, what kind of state would I be in if I did meet a man with a stocking fetish, lordy!

    Cate xo