Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Reflections

On the last day of the year it's only fitting to look back at the things I'm grateful for. So here they are:

One of my stories was published as an e-book
Another came second in a contest and was print published in an anthology
I went to the RWA conference
I went on my first writing retreat
Some of my friends became published, others had new books out
I read a heap of books, many of which I loved
I edit a magazine each month with a great team
My dog stayed with me for six months after her mate died
My husband survived the embarrassment of my publication
I got an iPad mini that I love
My health improves each year
I have a great book club
I have a librarian who keeps me supplied with books
I live in a great town
I have great friends and family
My work keeps growing
Birds, possums, lizards and other critters fill my backyard
I have a few drafts ready to polish
I have lots of ideas

I have lots to be thankful for, which makes me keen for 2013.

Happy New Year!!