Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Writing Bug

Something bit me last week - and I'm not just talking about the mosquitoes and sandflies that have started chomping season! The writing bug bit me again. I try to write each day but some days it's a struggle. When the bug bites, there is no struggle. Words and ideas flow freely. I'm on a roller coaster and it's only going up. Ideas spring forth that were buried in my brain. Jagged bits of scenes fly out of fingers tips or pencils. I get down everything I can, no matter how rubbish. Catching these brain bursts is the most important thing. And so I write, type, scribble. I don't wnat to sleep because there's so much to write. It's a frenzy. (But I do sleep... I can't live without sleeping)

And now I'm wondering if I burn myself out. Should I be pacing so there's less frenzy and more sanity? How would I do this? Maybe our muse works differently depending on our wiring. I hate to think what my wiring looks like!? It must be a hazy crazy mix of colours and sizes all criss-crossed in chaos.


  1. Snap!
    I know you saw my post at the weekend about writing 3000 words on Saturday? Now I see where your comment on my FB page came from.
    I'd say - when the muse is strong - just go for it.
    I struggle with other demands on my time (kids, hubby, 'real' work) and I can get really irritated if those things impact on what I consider is 'my' writing time. I tried to get hubby to agree that "Wednesday is my day" for example... where I get to do whatever I want which meant write. But instead I find that I use that day for grocery shopping, or Christmas shopping :), and writing comes last. And somehow hubby still schedules the odd game of golf on "my" day, anyway. GGRRRR.
    Some people say you just have to sit down and write (less frenzy, more sanity) and then the words will flow, but I think it helps to have the 'bug' bite like you describe. It's all so much more fun then.

  2. Ah, Lily, yes, that's it exactly. When the bug bites - it's fun. It makes the other days worth the heart ache.