Friday, November 30, 2012

Tall Ship

I went on a Tall Ship in Sydney Harbour this week. It was called Southern Swan and was built in 1922. This disappointed me. For some crazy reason I wanted to be on something built in the 1700s, like a convict ship, one of the first fleet, something of that ilk. Crazy notion I had.

The day was lovely and calm. Not the truly gorgeous Sydney weather we hoped for but way better than it could have been. They had a couple of sails up, but I wanted to hear the wind in the sails. I wanted to feel us tugged along by the breath of the world. God, such fanciful crazy notions. I didn't realise I had them until I had to work out why I was disappointed.

Do you ever do something and feel irrationally disappointed afterwards?

Do you ever have crazy notions like I do?

I'm putting mine down to the cold I'm suffering and my lack of voice (again). This time of year my voice always goes AWOL and nothing frustrates me more! (Oh, and it's summer here, so I can't blame the cold weather).


  1. You're braver than I am Cate! We belong to the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron and a couple of years ago we saw a 17thC style ship pulled up to the pontoon. It was crewed by volunteers and they were sailing it around the world. It was a story-book ship with small wooden hatches propped open with sticks, figurehead, and massive poop deck. Would have been wonderful for a day or two!

    1. Oh, that's what I was looking for, the story book ship. So glad you understood me, Lou. :)