Friday, April 3, 2015

Phallic Friday - latex, rubber, leather

This week's fetish is material - latex, rubber and leather. I have to admit that I don't understand this fetish much at all...but I can appreciate people who do love their 'fabrics'.

There are online stores set up to provide for your every need, like this one, The Latex Store. There are women's and men's clothing as well as the stuff you associate with fetishes or kinks, like hoods, masks, sex toys, bondage gear, extreme kinky sex (which has some total coverage gear) and heavy weight latex.

Some of the gear looks like regular clothes - like leggings, skirts, tops - so you can experience your fetish without drawing attention to it. Others are the stereotypical latex wear of masks, bondage gear, sexy outfits for Dommes or Doms, and for male and female subs.

Sax Fetish is an Aussie store supplying all your leather fetish needs. Again, regular clothing as well as kinky wear. It even has Marsupial Bondage Toys, which are much tamer than I imagined! They're stuffed toys dressed in bondage gear - you know, suitable for your overseas guests :)

I think it's the clothing aspect I don't understand about this fetish. I'm too much into flesh to bother about clothes, so to dress in this sort of gear, in my mind, is a wasted effort! But if you're prolonging sex, and aiming for a steamy night of role play or D/s play or just spicing things up, then yes, I totally get that these can be a huge turn on.

So, are you into a fabric fetish? And which is your choice?


  1. I'm so boring. I'm with you. Not very interested in getting dressed up just to get all undressed again. If I had to choose though, I'd probably say leather would be my favourite, but I don't own anything leather, just one fake jacket. I do like that jacket though.

    1. I like leather. I own leather shoes but that's it! Not sure they count though :) And I'd love a leather jacket, but the ones I'd really love are out of my price range! One day :)

      Cate xo