Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wildlife Wednesday - octopus and rockpools

At the beach
My sister came to visit last week with Miss 3 and Mr 7. We had days like it was summer (and the last 3 days have been wet and cold, so they were special days!). We spent every day at the beach or the river or on the rocks.

I'm very lucky to live where I do. I lived most of my life inland, and away from the ocean, so when the chance came to live on the coast, we were rather choosy about where we lived - well, after we took into consideration the cost of houses, which was the most limiting factor, really!

So, back to the holidays! We attacked the waves at the beach. This is usually fun when I'm by myself. Add Mr 7 swinging off my arm and it was fun, with a dash of scary. My sister was freezing and not in swimmers, so if a wave took him, it was up to me. Then Miss 3 wanted to join in the fun. So Miss 3 swinging on my hip and Mr 7 off my arm ramped up the scary...but lordy it was fun! They squealed so much as the waves came in to wet us.

Then we hit the rock pools. There's a rock platform nearby with a rock swimming pool. I thought the kids would enjoy the pool but I was wrong! After seeing Mr Octopus lurking around the edges, they weren't so thrilled by the thought of sharing a huge swimming pool with him!! They believe swimming pools should be crystal blue, chlorinated and preferably with a roof!!

But we spent hours poking around rock pools (the small non-swimming variety) looking at all manner of weeds, soft corals, periwinkles and barnacles, little fish and funny anemones.

Exploring rockpools
Then we found a few gorgeous little starfish that the kids could hold and feel walking across their hands. I think they enjoyed them...but the squeals may have been of fear. Who knows? I enjoyed it :)

I love the tidal rock pools, love the beach. It's a great excuse to have visitors and spend the day enjoying nature at its finest!

Are you a beach person?



  1. That's an amazing photo of the octopus! I'm not such a beach person in terms of swimming. Because I wear glasses, and the beaches around here can get so rough - I was always miscalculating waves and getting dumped. But I love knowing the ocean is there and when there's no wind and it's calm - then I love the beach. Having bought my wetsuit top helps too. I don't get so cold anymore. I swam more these last two summers than I have for ages, with the kids.

    1. The octopus seemed to come right up for the photo - like a supermodel :)

      Glasses are a problem. Mr E also has that issue. I didn't realise how much trouble it was until I took him snorkelling - and he coudln't see a thing! I tend to look after him a bit more now :)

      I'm so glad you're enjoying the wetsuit top. Being cold is no fun at all.

      Glad you're a beach babe too! ;)

      Cate xoxo