Saturday, April 18, 2015

Phallic Friday - late and in trouble, need spanking

I'm late and Lily has already called me out about it on Twitter. My apologies. I was having too much fun this week with visitors and now my brain is fried with exhaustion! We spent a lot of time at the beach and the river...and the weather gods were kind and gave us a late summer :)

Anyway, Phallic Friday - this week is about spanking and whipping.

My sister bought me a book many years ago called Spank Me, and it was a history of spanking.'s not on my bookcase and must be in the garage in my other book cupboard. So I can't give you any details about the book...and google and amazon aren't helping me.

Anyway, suffice to say that I've been interested in this form of fetish for a while now. There's something thrilling and exhilarating about spanking or whipping. Now, I'm not talking about a thrashing or a belting here. I'm talking about spanking for fun. For the stimulation. The thrill. The sharp jag of pain, the shock, the unexpectedness.

I know alot of people associate spanking with childhood trauma, or childhood spankings/chastisement. I don't know that fun spanking can be linked to that - maybe the humiliation spankings could be, as they're more associated with the punishment, humiliation, degradation aspects.

For me, the fun aspect comes from the unexpectedness. The sharp jag of pain. It rips you from yourself. Focuses on the external. gets you out of your had and into the event.

In my exhausted state here, I've probably shared far too much! Sorry if I've fallen into the TMI post.

How do you feel about spanking?


  1. You're a very naughty girl for making me wait for my Friday post! There is never TMI on Fridays, ever.
    And if hubs ever spanked me hard enough to hurt, I'd deck him!

    1. LOL! Sometimes hurting is good, Ms Lily!

      Cate xo