Friday, September 12, 2014

Phallic Friday - Secret Confessions

It's time for my secret confession, or should I say Lana's Secret Confession!

I hinted at this story back in April, you can read my post here, when I was having a little trouble getting my head into Lana. But I got her sorted, and she's getting ready to hit the world in mid-November.

There are 11 Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives stories and Lana is the second story off the mark. I follow the incredible Rhian Cahill, which is just a tad daunting :)

Lana loves sex, follows few rules, and adores young men. She's incredibly successful and rich. She moves in the elite circles in Sydney. Not something I'm familiar with, but boy, was it fun to dream!

Each story is self contained, but all 11 have a thread running through them to tie them all together.

It was fun, and challenging, to work on this project. Lana is a person I would never think to create, so she challenged my thinking. Most of the other writers in this project are a lot more experienced than me, so that was also a challenge. I found myself questioning my confidence, my skill, and my commitment to my writing. The great thing is that I know most of the girls, and they're fabulously supportive, so I could have my little panic without being ridiculed or belittled.They helped me. They gave me confidence and courage. They helped make Lana a strong, independent woman.

I love Lana, and I'm looking forward to her time on the stage. I hope readers will love her too. She's a woman who loves sex, and that may be a little confronting, but I hope the fantasy aspects will allow her to shine in the spotlight. Fingers crossed!

Don't you just love the cover? Escape Publishing do very sexy covers. Here are all of them together. Gorgeous, aren't they?