Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Story - more inspiration

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY - especially to my awesome Dad!

I've been touring this week with some of the other people who inspire me - Mr E, my Dad and Mr E's Dad.

We're doing a western NSW trip to places we've wanted to go to. So first stop is Dubbo Western Plains Zoo (but I'm pretty sure we'll stop along the way at Parkes for a barrier trial for a new racehorse Dad and I have a 5% share in! LOL). Neither of the Dads have been to the zoo, and it was Mr E's Dad's 80th recently, so we're glamping. You can check it out here. When I rang to book, the lady was in such fits of laughter that I'd holiday with 3 men, that she got us a good deal, I think!! I hope both Dads will enjoy the zoo. I'm hoping it'll be a lovely taste for an African safari some day (it's on my bucket list - but since I don't have kids to take me when I'm 80, I'm gonna have to get there myself, somehow!).

Then it's off to Lightning Ridge, home of opal mining. Hopefully we'll get to stop off at Come-By-Chance, where Dad's relatives settled in years gone by. I'd like a photo of him in his great Aunty Pearl's town.

In Lightning Ridge, we have the hot artesian baths ear-marked so we can dunk each of the Dads and heal their aching joints! I think I might pop in for a dip too...but they're meant to be 40C and to me, that's more like boiled lobster and not a hot spa. So I'll see if I can bear the heat!

Opal mines should be interesting and so I'm keep to see them. I love all soilsy things and underground mines are a favourite of mine. So much fun seeing the soil from beneath - without me having to dig!

Then we have a couple of days to come home so, who knows what we might see there! I'll pop some photos in if I get the chance.

Happy Dad's Day!!

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  1. I'm home! Will report in with a blog of my trip, plus I have lots of zoo wildlife!

    New racehorse is faster than old one! So that's exciting. She's also better behaved, a faster learner and more hopeful. The side-trip for the 46 sec race was well worthwhile.

    The zoo was amazingly fantastic! Well worth going.

    Come By Chance was a speck but a worthy detour...we had ice cream :)

    Lightning Ridge was an incredible town that far surpassed my expectations. So much to do, you need at least 3 nights. The bore bath was stunning, even though it's warm, I didn't feel like a lobster at all. And opals. I bought some...and I love them.

    A fabulous week, even if I missed so much by being offline!

    Cate xo