Friday, September 19, 2014

Phallic Friday - age differences

I've played a bit with age differences. In The Virginity Mission, Jason is about 8 years older than Mac/Willow. In Deep Diving, it's the other way around, with Samantha being 8 years older than Cooper. Lana is much older than the boys she picks up in the Housewives (20+ years older).

I've never really thought age matters. I have friends from all age brackets. I have had relationships with older and younger men. I wasn't particularly worried about Lana being a cougar when I wrote her - until she became my age and the boy she was sleeping with was my nephew's age and then I had a bit of a freak out...but hey, I got over it. She's much hotter than me! LOL.

When I read about an 81 year old billionaire marrying a 24 year old model, earlier this week, I wasn't so cool about the age difference. You know, 57 years is a big age gap... and would she be marrying him if he wasn't loaded? Would he be marrying her if she wasn't such a great looking accessory?

How do these relationships work? My mind doesn't stretch that far.

I've just holidayed with an 80 year old and it's not that easy to wait for them, care for them and be patient with them. It was like looking after a child. They are slow, set in their way, and take a truckload of pills! (Although, I don't have a great tolerance of people, so maybe I'm a bad person to judge)

But is that the attraction - she looks after him, mothers him, fusses over him, treats him like he's special and wonderful, all the while looking stunning and making him feel like he's young again while she has unlimited resources, a safe place to live, and can live out her mother-fantasies with an adult and not a child?

I don't understand it from her perspective, mostly. He seems to be on a good wicket...but I guess she has safety, security and a fortune. Maybe it's not too dissimilar to a Dom-sub relationship. It's something different to the norm, but it's workable and win-win for the couple. Maybe I need to work my head around it better and not be so dismissive so quickly.

Not sure that you'll see me writing that big an age difference any time soon! :)

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