Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Story - age

I'm not sure where these musings should go, so here they are.

In Australia we have a show on at the moment called, When Love Comes To Town. It's a busload of 12 women travelling to various places in rural Australia to find their perfect man (who is based in the town, not necessarily a farmer). I'd seen the ads and it intrigued me as to how it worked but the first two shows i only caught a glimpse of. Then last night, I got to watch the whole show. I'm not going to talk about the show, but something else I noticed while watching.

There was a girl aged 22, a whole bunch who are 26-30 and one aged 35. I think that's roughly the breakdown, I wasn't paying strict attention! Anyway, Miss 22 asked to go home last night because it was all too much for her - not just the competing for a man, but the competing with other women, and also being away from her family.

It was a stark reminder that at 22, you can still be really young, self-conscious, and not know who you are yet. At one stage the guy asked her if she could cook. Her answer - Mum does it all, I live at home. You know, that shocked me at first, but then I watched her, watched her mannerisms, checked out her clothes and makeup. I don't think she was lying.

She was young and not confident. She had excessively bright lipstick (as do many of the others) but she didn't wear it like she was comfortable. Her clothes were more comfortable than flirtatious (and there are some girls there with clothes that show a lot of flesh!). She didn't fit the mould of the others on the show.

The other girls are power-women. They know what they want. They know who they are. And they're competitive. I feel sorry for the guys because they probably don't know what's hit them!

It makes me so glad I moved to the country and spent my 20s and 30s out of the power-games girls play. I was the naive 22 year old and gosh, I felt sorry for her last night - but there was no way in hell I would have even applied to be on the show!

So, age matters. As a generalisation, heroines with a few more years know so much more about themselves, are confident in their own skin, and go after what they want. Young heroines are still finding their feet.


  1. I was at work last year (day job - admin) when a dude from Channel 9 came in wanting to leave some fliers promoting the show, and to ask me if I knew any blokes in that age-group who might make good 'fodder' for the series. One of the local guys did get an interview. He's English, and works as a gardener in and around town. He has a 10 year old son and is divorced. Anyway, he didn't make it on the show.
    I haven't watched it. I'm too suckered into The Voice to sign up to another reality show and I've never been into any of these types. Farmer wants a Wife/Bachelor etc etc. Though I did watch it when Mark Philippousis was the bachelor - do you remember that? A couple of times.
    I think it's all complete and utter wank.
    I don't know why anyone would put themselves through the drama of going on these shows - whether it's cooking or love. I can't think of anything worse.

    1. I'm with you on never being able to do one of these shows. But I think most of the girls are on there for their 15 mins of fame ... Some of them go hard with every man regardless of looks, and I don't think you can be attracted to everyone, surely!

      It's a strange phenomenon reality TV.

      Cate xo