Friday, June 13, 2014

Phallic Friday - new condoms

This story was in our local paper - complete with image containing a vibrator! I couldn't quite believe it.

But it's a great story. These two researchers are trying to develop a new material that could be used instead of latex to enhance condom use. They're working with hydrogels and hope to find a material more comfortable, offering the sensitivity that latex doesn't.

And these guys are pretty switched on researchers - they want to know what the community wants by working with people in many different countries and communities. They question whether the same material will suit people the world over.

I think it's brilliant that people are looking into this. I assumed latex was it and unless a material was developed for something else and brought across to condoms, things would never change. But to actually be developing the material specifically for condoms, is awesome. And I guess the market is huge - especially if they find something comfortable that allows for feeling and sensitivity!

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