Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wildlife Wednesday - frog

Sorry I'm late with this post. We had a blackout yesterday for hours and I'm all out of schedule now. It's really windy here, so must have been caused by the wind somehow - all the recorded message said was that they did not know the cause!

I took a photo of this frog at the zoo...because it was such a cool way of looking at a frog!

I'm pretty sure this was a tree frog, but I can't really remember, but check out the size of the 'toes' - surely it's a tree frog!

If you're into frogs, there's a good frog website

And some great books, like Harold Cogger's Reptiles and Amphibians of Australia. see it here. Although, you do need a bit of money for Cogger's book. When I was at uni it was on my "to buy when I'm rich" list. When I started working, my boss also had it on his wish list! That didn't make me feel like I'd be getting it any time soon!

I did a post about frogs earlier on. You can find it here.

Sorry I'm late. I need better organisation and time management skills!

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