Friday, May 30, 2014

Phallic Friday - good in bed?

I read a news article and I got the link as soon as I read it this time, so you can read it here.

The article lists 7 ways you can tell if you're good in bed. And this is the checklist:
  1. you feel connected to your partner
  2. you're confident
  3. you're open to change in the bedroom
  4. you listen to your partner
  5. you don't rush things
  6. you welcome the opportunity to have sex
  7. you're playful in bed

What do you think of the list?

I'm always sceptical when I see these articles. I usually read them thinking I can write a post saying what crap they are - but this one I can understand. I think these are the things that have to happen for the 'chemistry' to be right. If these things aren't there, neither of you will be good in bed.

If you're connected, then there's already chemistry. If you're confident, then you're happy with yourself, and that's halfway to making a good relationship. If you're open to change, then you're willing to talk, try, test, and meet someone else's needs. If you listen to your partner, they're going to love that, especially if you listen and act! Rushing is one of the biggest killers for me. Even if you have a time limit, make it seem like you have forever - it's so much hotter. Sometimes sex is difficult to fit into the every day (especially with kids in the house) so welcoming the opportunity is important for success of a long term relationship. And playful makes sex fun, and that's a way to never let it become old or boring or staid.

So I'm happy with this list. Do you have anything to add to it?


  1. I don't agree or disagree. But i think the whole 'open to change' thing kind of changes as you get older. Or maybe that's just me. Mostly because I've never been particularly bendy... and that aint' changing as I get older. So if change requires yoga positions, well - sorry honey - but I get cramps pretty much straight away... If the change is about locations, as long as they're comfortable, then I think I'd be all for it. Think I would. *Think* so.
    Can I wear my beanie?