Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Story - The Last Hour of Gann

Ainslie Paton told me about this book.I'm not sure if I should love her or hate her for the recommendation.

It's HUGE! I have no idea how many words, but it's taken me days to read it. I'm a fast reader and I usually knock things over quickly but this nearly killed me - I didn't want to stop reading it, and when I did my dreams were filled with this world.

The start was not my favourite part. I was getting really annoyed because Nikki seemed to cry all the time and I wanted to slap her. Amber seemed to pat Nikki's hand, or take her hand and squeeze it, and I was getting pretty sick of that over and over again. I was wondering why Ainslie had recommended it!

Then we met Meoraq and he seemed to 'frill up' all the flipping time. And I was still getting annoyed, wishing someone had edited this so we had different things happening so I didn't get annoyed. And you know, if Ainslie hadn't have told me how good this was, I would have given up. I've got that damn fussy. Repetition is my thing. I've spent so long trying to wipe it out of my own work, it stands out like the proverbial when I'm reading and really really really irks me (you know, in case you haven't got that yet!! :) )

And then... the story swept me away. So much happened. There was a lot of tension - suspense and sexual. A lot of shitty people stuff that you find in groups - idiots, people blindly following and not thinking, few helping, survival instincts of zero, and a lot of whinging and whining. There was also deep stuff to sift through - about prejudices, assumptions, judging people by their looks, cultural differences.

Ainslie told me that Lizardman was hot - and indeed he is. I'd like to meet an alien like him!! LOL.

If you want a mega-huge read, and don't have my extreme fussiness, then pick it up. Lizardman is worth it!


  1. Your book boyfriend is a Lizardman. Interesting ;)

    1. Ah, weren't you drooling over an octo-man? ;)

      Cate xo

  2. I had a book that I almost gave up on about 30% of the way through not long ago, and it ended up a 5 star read for me. (Drawn by Lilliana Anderson). Funny how things can turn on a dime.

    1. That's interesting, Lily, that you could almost give up and then give it 5 stars. I don't know that I would persist these days as reading time is really precious and there's so much to read. Interesting thoughts though.