Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Wildlife Wednesday - more birds

The Alice Springs Desert Park is a fantastic 'zoo' experience. It's spread out across quite a space, but has gorgeous, well-maintained walking tracks, lots of native 'scrub' and lots of information. There are a lot of bird aviaries, a nocturnal house, lots of other critters to see, and zookeeper chats.

We went in the afternoon when it was 42C and the woman at the entry tried to talk us out of paying our entry, and coming back the next day when it was cooler. But it was day 1 and Mr E was still in go-go-go mode, we had plenty of water, we have been used to the heat, so we went in. We were the only people in the park, aside from staff, and I'm pretty sure they watched us on CCTV to make sure we didn't die! The woman who let us in, met us as we were leaving (like, joined us for the last stretch before the exit)!

One of the joys of the bird aviaries was that they had a really light mist fall at random intervals and there was plenty of natural and man-made shade for the birds. 

Another aspect was that with no other people, and it being so hot, the birds sat pretty still!

So here are some pics:

(I'm missing some IDs - I'll try to fill them in later on)

Red-tailed Black Cockatoos

A variety of birds, including budgies

Pied Stilt

Zebra Finch

Australasian Grebe (I thought it was fake!)

A bunch of zebra finches

Western Bower bird (with pink blotch on back of head - that's real)

Port Lincoln Parrot

Orange Chat

Splendid Fairywrens

Princess Parrots

Diamond Dove

Spinifex Pigeon

White-winged Fairy-wren

Banded Lapwing

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