Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Wildlife Wednesday - Tiger Moths

I think a long time back I did a post about these moths but I didn't have the name Tiger Moths so I'll use that this time! I'm doing it again mostly because my new camera takes great shots and I wanted to show off the photo I took! Gosh, plus it's 5 years since the last post - where did time go?

Tiger Moths in this case aren't the aeroplane but an orange and black moth. In my childhood, I called them Jaffa Moths, and that's still what I call them in my head.

Tiger Moths are only on the East Coast of Australia, so you probably won't have seen them, Lily Malone.

The eat nectar from wildflowers but also love lichen (an algae-fungi organism) and we've got heaps of lichen around our place. Mr E hates lichen and wants to bash it off everything, but I love it and keep telling him he can't! I don't think moth food will change the discussion any :)

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