Friday, June 17, 2016

Phallic Friday - shocking sex scandals

Are you a fan of the Aussie TV drama, Rake? I love its relevance and irreverence. I find myself snorting, chuckling and guffawing. It's one of the best half hours on TV.

Tonight there was a classic line - and because it's been on and my memory is like that of a goldfish, this is not a direct quote - with Cleaver Greene saying people have sex, so why the hell is everyone so surprised that other people are doing it?

(I might have to rewatch to get that line right!)

But anyway, yes! This line is gold. Millions of magazines and newspapers are sold when there are details of juicy sex scandals...and why? It's sex. Most people have tried it. Why do they race to find out the illicit details of someone's sex life? Why are paparazzi paid a fortune for photographs and details of affairs?

Is it the betrayal that people love so much? Or is it that a secret has been revealed?

A large part of the latest Rake episode was focussed on magazines and photojournalists as Cleaver was defending a photojournalist. In a totally Cleaver way, he turned a stalking wanker (literally) into a truth-seeker and frontline hero. It was brilliant. Completely mocking our obsession with "celebrity scoops" in magazines and social media. Cynicism at its best :)

Or maybe I'm just cynical.

If you watched it, what was your take?


  1. I absolutely love Rake. Thursday when it's on is card night for me so hubs tapes it. I watched last night. Rake makes me laugh. Richard Roxburgh is so clever - and I love Wendy. Love the scenario at Wendy's house at the moment with it being so crowded. Love how Rake (finally) seems to be showing some growth and heading from the dark side, to the light.
    It's brilliant TV. Love the ABC for Rake alone (and Q&A) just not when it's Bill Shorten solo on Q&A. #BillsTooBoring but if it was Malcolm flying solo on Q&A, I'd be there with bells on.

    1. Richard Roxburgh is very clever, he makes Cleaver so lovable even as he's disreputable. Wendy is such a fun character - should know so much better, but gets conned by love (or loyalty)! And Fuzz is like a chip off the old block :)

      I really like Missy too. She's gone from prostitute to politician's girlfriend, to respectable huge author, and now coke addict. That's one hell of a ride through life :)

      It's brilliant TV, I agree!

      I'm so over the election.

      Cate xox