Friday, May 27, 2016

Phallic Friday - dicks and media

A couple of things have caught my attention lately in the sporting media, all related. So I'm going to have a rant.

There's this one -

Last week it was this -

The first article is about Kyle Sandilands (a radio host) asking Paul Gallen (a footy player) who has the biggest dick in the dressing rooms.

The second is about Chris Gayle (cricketer) skiting about 'his big bat', referencing his penis not his cricket bat.

These things are reported and make news articles. Why? God knows. They're at once condemning what's being said, at the same time as making sure everyone knows about what's being said...and who has the biggest dick. It's a peculiar way to do journalism (if that's what you call it) and in my mind, it indicates a male dominated industry.

A male dominated industry because I doubt women would write these articles or ask these questions. And the ones that hit the media are mostly about big dicks, not small ones. Men are all 'size matters' so I'm assuming it's a male thing. (even though I know I'm making sweeping generalisations!)

While these comments are flaunted on the media, there are also comments made by commentators that are the opposite - where dicks aren't so large. Ray Warren, a lauded rugby league commentator, often makes remarks about his lack of endowment - on air and also in his book. Why? Again, I've no idea. It's just every time he does it, I'm kind of speechless.

I'm open minded, I like men's bodies, I don't have a thing against penises...but do I want to hear about penises on the media? The answer's NO. Or at least, not three of four times a week!

I don't care whether it's their large size or small size, I don't want to know. I don't think they should be referenced in general commentary. Do we ever discuss women's clits or labia? I've never once heard that discussed...yet it's the equivalent discussion for a female, isn't it? And when watching women's sport, I can't even imagine anyone discussing what's in a woman's shorts.

Do you have an issue with dicks in media?


  1. Hooray! You're back! (smooches)
    No, I don't really have problems with dicks in the media. I saw something on the RWA loop, and then a lovely friend of ours posted, those 'lipstick dicks' as ideas for gifts for RWA Conf. That's not my cup of tea either. I don't know - I just choose to ignore rather than rant. What can I change? Who'd listen to me anyway?
    Hope you're over your bug and feeling better. I'm going to think that if you have energy for a rant, then you are feeling better!

    1. Thanks, Miss Lily! I'm on the improve but this bug really knocked me about. Darn thing!

      Yes, I saw that lipstick dick photos and I was a bit astounded that someone would react so strongly about it. I'm usually an ignorer too, but sometimes I like a rant! Reporting things isn't really my thing...but some people seem to enjoy the 'policing'.

      Thanks for the welcome back!

      Cate xo