Friday, March 25, 2016

Phallic Friday - Yoni Massage

Oh, this article here. So very amazing, and brave.

A sexologist and yoga teacher speaks of having a Yoni massage (which is a vaginal massage) in a very honest and open manner.

Many many years ago, I became interested in Tantric sex. I devoured books on the topic and discussed with a few people. It's a mystical, deeply spiritual thing - where energy between bodies is used to deepen the connection between two people. That's probably a very simplistic explanation, but that's how I've always seen it.

It interests me because of 'chemistry'. You know when you meet someone and there's an immediate 'zap' between you? It can be sexual, but it can also be platonic. I reckon that has to come from somewhere or something. All sorts of people talk about it; romance always writes about it. But how does it happen? Is it a cellular thing? Pheromones? Energy? Or something else completely?

It baffles and puzzles me. So I went investigating for a while. I started writing a story about it, for a while. But there aren't answers and that frustrates me.

But anyway, back to the Yoni massage.

In a normal massage, your body responds to muscle manipulation for relaxation, tissue healing, joint movement, whatever the massage is targetted for. I'm a firm believer in massage and I have a semi-regular Bowen therapy, which is a very easy, non-painful, non-invasive muscle manipulation, to align my body. I joke that it keeps me alive :) But afterwards, I need to drink copious amounts of water to flush toxins from my body or I feel like I've been hit by a train. If I soak in a bath, and drink twice my normal water intake, then I don't get that horrible sick feeling. So I believe something happens to me, physically, when I have a massage.

The vagina is another body part, largely made up of muscles. I don't see that a Yoni massage is going to be too much different to a deep tissue shoulder massage - you know, except for the sexual component. But I know how much stress is caught up in my shoulders from writing and working at a computer, and so I take myself along for a regular massage to keep myself in good health and release those poor throbbing shoulder and neck muscles. I feel much better for it.

In Bowen, pretty much my whole body becomes aligned. A flex of a muscle in my hip, can be felt in my toe or ankle. Release in my neck can shoot right down my arm. Muscles are linked and easing one, helps another.

But the genitals are never touched. And yet, they're muscular. Maybe they'd benefit from massage. Maybe they hold energy that needs to be released. Maybe the emotional release that they sexologist/yoga teacher found would be beneficial for health.

I've never been brave enough to try! (And if you're my Bowen therapist reading this - I'm still not brave enough to try!!!)

But this article has shed some light on a subject that has been floating in my mind for many many years. Thanks, Vanessa!

Are you a fan of massage? Ever had a Yoni massage?

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