Friday, January 29, 2016

Phallic Friday - another idiot footy player

There's another idiot of a footy player, and his so-called mates, in the news again for videos of a lewd nature. I'm not even going to point you to a news article because I'm a bit sick of the publicity of this one - already.

In this one, the guy has pissed on himself, pissed on a lounge that doesn't belong to him, tried to kiss a woman who didn't want to be kissed, refused to leave her house, and threatened to fuck her dog with his shorts on.

In my mind, trying to kiss this woman and refusing to leave her house aren't great traits. It doesn't show a lot of respect... and his mates didn't drag him out, which doesn't say a lot for them either.

But what the media is incensed about is that he wanted to fuck the dog. Seriously? He has his shorts on and he simulates the act by putting the dog in front of him and thrusting his hips. Most of the reports are about this so-called bestiality act. I think that act more reflects his lack of regard for the owner of the dog, the couch, the lips and the home he's in.

But anyway, I'm not going to rant. But it sickens me that yet another idiot has been allowed to get away with this type of behaviour for far too long. He's 26, has been in this sort of trouble numerous times and has always been protected. It has to stop.

The world has become a place where privacy is rarely possible. Social media, access to phones with cameras, wi-fi everywhere all means that you do something, everyone knows about it immediately. Surely these guys realise all this?