Friday, October 16, 2015

Phallic Friday - sex and violence

I need to rave a bit today - like a crazy woman, I think! So be warned.

There's been so much in the Sydney media this week about sex - all negative things. So many rapes, gang rapes, murders and bashings over relationships or ended relationships. It's horrifying. It makes me not want to watch the news. When did we become so violent?

I guess humans have always had violence as an integral part of life - history is filled with wars and battles and fighting on a small and large scale.

Sex is a violent act in many ways. It's also ripe to be used as a power game. So I suppose it's logical that sex and violence are lumped together so often.

But does it have to be reported so much? Do I need to know how horrifying life can be?

Maybe I'm getting old. Maybe my rose-coloured glasses need adjusting.

I write sex for the beauty of the intimacy, the power of the act, the intensity of union, all the emotions that get stirred to the surface by the physical act.

I guess violence and anger are emotions that can be shaken up to the surface and be exposed/relieved by/through sex...but it's not what I want to read or write about.

So I'll be the one bucking the sex and violence trend, who's thinking about the fun, intimacy and excitement sex brings.

How do you find sex and violence? Is it something you read? 


  1. Not sure. I'm not sure who the reporting of it affects more. Does it frighten women? Does it give the power to the perpetrators? Does it warn women that these dangers exist and to be careful? I don't know, Cate.

    1. Good point, Lily. I think if it wasn't so sensationalised, it would be a warning, but the way it's reported and made into something 'newsworthy' makes me think it's more about frightening and even giving the perpetrators power (even if inadvertently).

      The world is a strange place sometimes.

      Cate xox