Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wildlife Wednesday - Mosaic Moray Eel

The Lagoon and Blackburn Island
Deep Diving is set on the very beautiful Lord Howe Island. So I thought during August I'd showcase some of the island and the wildlife.
Mosaic Moray Eel

The Lagoon runs along about half of the island and is a sheltered spot for swimming, snorkelling, diving, boat mooring, canoeing/kayaking, glass-bottom boat tours.

The Lagoon is protected from the ocean's waves. There's a deep opening (channel) for access to the ocean (for boats, but also fish and sharks) so it's not closed off. Lord Howe Island has the southern most reef in the world, and the Lagoon is a perfect place to see it.

There are some deep holes, which are up to 12 metres deep, so you can snorkel and see most of the same fish and corals as you would see diving (you just don't get to spend as long underwater).

At the southern end of the Lagoon, is a place called Lovers Bay. On the northern side of this is where I saw the Mosaic Eel. It was like a little nursery area, with tiny fish and lots of little corals. I was really enjoying the place, loving being in such a gorgeous spot. But the eel wasn't so thrilled to have me there. After I took this photo, he fairly much chased me away! I've never found eels to be aggressive before, although they do have teeth and strong jaws, so I wasn't going to take my chances. When the eel wasn't happy and started swimming at me, I hightailed it away. I was laughing, though, as I left. I couldn't believe that I was being herded away!

Lord Howe Island is the most beautiful place I've been - and you'll probably be sick of it by the end of August...but I'll be still dying to go back!!

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