Friday, March 1, 2013

Phallic Friday - Butcher Shop

I know, a weird topic but I'm suffering from brain drain after a holiday - you know, when you want to be back on holidays but you have to work? That brain drain.

So... I thought I'd share a discussion I had last week with my 'ideas' friend. I can't blame her for the warped ideas I use for my stories... but she's the girl who starts my Ideas-Muse spinning. We're like two ideas-people who spring from topic to topic, craziness to craziness, insanity to insanity. She's the one who challenged me to write a book (bet she regrets it!) when I thought I could do nothing.

Anyway, my local butcher is fantastic. He's just taken 2nd place in the Australian sausage contest (seriously). So of course, I had to take some of the award winning sausages to my friends who don't have the chance to partake in such delicacies!

And when you rock up with a pile of sausages, tales of your great butcher and you write erotic stories, your friends start putting all these things together and suggesting you write a butcher shop steamy story.

Now I've had those thoughts myself - but how could I ever shop there for my dinner if I wrote his shop into a story? Would I be able to ask for my kilo of thick sausages without turning red? Could I ask for chicken breasts without blushing?

My friend and I spent a good few minutes (okay, nearly an hour) laughing until we cried, as we came up with butcher shop sex. Cool rooms, meat saws, carcasses, sausage mince, smoke houses. Seriously sexy stuff - and then some!

And when I came home and went to get dinner ... gosh, I was blushing as I opened the door. I don't think I'm ready to write butcher shop escapades... but those ideas won't stop!!

Do you have such wicked thoughts, or wicked ideas-friends?


  1. Hmmmm... knowing what I know... butcher shop Escapades hey??
    I was giggling into my champers reading this post.
    As you know Cate, my stories involve the wine industry and I remember sending a query which talked about all the connotations of 'love amongst wine barrels'... butcher shop/winery... it's all just a scene at the end of the day. I don't know if it's wicked, but good on you and your muse friend for 'going there'...

  2. Oh, I love that - "I was giggling into my champers..." - well deserved champers too Ms Malone (who kept me up half the night)!

    You're right it is just a scene at the end of the day and if my character-butcher looks nothing like my real-butcher, I should be okay, hey?

    And my friend reckons if I'm blushing without writing the story - I may as well have a good reason to blush. True.

    Happy Champers-ing!

    Cate xo