Friday, October 19, 2012

Writing Retreat Report

It seems like forever ago that I stepped out of my life for a few days and entered the life of a writer at a writing retreat. It was pure joy.

I did this once before for 5DI (a 5-day intensive manuscript workshop run by RWAus) and it was the most productive week of my life. So I was interested to see how a weekend would go - especially when we had to do our own meals, etc. (unlike 5DI).

What did I achieve/learn-
  • I wrote 5000 words which kicked off a new story idea.
  • I learned a LOT about the industry and felt comfortable in the erotic writing world.
  • I laughed (heaps) at all sorts of conversations we had that only we could have had. It was such a relief to know that others thought like I did, and that I was having a conversation with people that I can often only have in my head.
  • I had a psychic reading which suggested I should be writing steamy historicals.
  • I had a massage that was heaven.
  • I realised 12 women could get along in one house for 3 days!
  • After just finding the courage to send authors an email to thank them for their book, I find out that they really would prefer a great review on Amazon or Goodreads so others know how good I found it.
  • I learned that there is so much more to learn about in this industry.
  • I found out that some people's first draft is as good as my final draft (after I've attacked it at least 3 times) *sigh*
  • I ate well.
  • I was photographed more times than ever before.
  • I am inspired.

All up, a super weekend. I can thoroughly recommend a writing retreat. (And I'd like them every week, please!)

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