Monday, September 3, 2012

Love's Rhythm

I've just read Lexxie Couper's Love's Rhythm and it's a beauty.

I first 'met' Nick Blackthorne, rock god, in Tropical Sin, Lexxie's book in the Bandicoot Cove series. He was a charming, delicious but tortured man, on the verge of losing his music and love of life. In Tropical Sin he engages with a couple who pique his interest and lust (you should read that too, actually the whole Bandicoot Cover series!) and this makes him find his mojo.

Jump to Love's Rhythm and the man who's found his mojo, now needs to claim the woman he left fifteen years ago. It's a beautiful tale of a man going to fast forwards, and the woman who love him too much to hold him back. The story has echoes of that proverb: If you love something set it free; if it comes back to you, it's yours; if it doesn't, it never was.

I loved this story.

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  1. How did I not know you had a blog? You probably mentioned it and it whizzed around that empty space in my head and flew away again. Here now :)