Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday tale

Oh gosh, no one can decide... and I need to do a web page, so maybe this will be held over until I get myself sorted...

But just in case you want the next instalment, here's a quickie -

Walking up to the cashier, I'm still vacillating between the lion and the mouse. One moment I'm sure I want the lion, the next I think of my wife's pleasure and go with the mouse.
"Yes?" The cashier's boredom is my undoing. Will my confidence-bluff work?
"The lion and the mouse, for the price of one."
The cashier arches an eyebrow. "We don't do two for one deals."
"You do today, or so I was told." I lean towards her, hoping my expression is beguiling and sexy as hell. "I've never had trouble deciding before, but today... both meet my needs."
"Then your cheque must also meet your needs." Her tone is scathing, as if my well chosen words have no effect on her.
"A problem?" The owner of the slave market makes his appearance and bows to me. "Monsieur, you cannot decide?" He pauses and waits for the incline of my head. "Then take both... I insist. You are one of our best masters. Please, two for the price of the lion." He smiles and it's not the smile of a man doing business but of a swindler. For a fleeting second, I wonder what I've done. But no matter. The lion and the mouse are mine.

I can't decide either!

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