Friday, June 22, 2012

A Tense Dilemma

Most books are written in past tense (eg I walked along the street admiring the ocean views...) but for some reason, my brain writes in present tense (eg I walk along the street where ocean views capture my attention). It seems more active to me. I make different word choices (like the above - no thought given to either that's just how they come out when I think in different tenses).

Of course, since the majority of people write in past tense, my style jars readers/contest judges. But in my mind, it sounds fine.

So, another dilemma for me... do I conform to past tense? Or do I stay doing what I like to write?

My gut instinct is to stick with what I like. Writing wisdom says what you like is your unique style. My concern is that I have two things that jar the majority of people - 1st person AND present tense. (I also used to write from multiple viewpoints, but I've curtailed that to just one.)

So maybe that's the answer. I had three different things. I changed one. Maybe I keep the other two.

Who knew this would be so difficult? Who knew I bucked the system so much (oh, okay, maybe I knew that bit!).

Dare to be different.

Maybe that should be my tagline :) Or maybe I'm just too different to be accepted.

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