Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Emotion, I think I got it!

You know I've been struggling to hit the jackpot. That Show not Tell and Emotion were getting the better of me. Then this last month things have been changing in my head. A lightbulb got turned on by a critique from an author I admire. She made me realise I have to be the story, not write the story. I'm not saying I've got it now...but I'm a LOT closer than I have been, and I can see it.

What do I mean by "be the story"? Well, I write with distance, you know it's all that science training. I don't get "into" the story, don't dig into the deep part of my characters, don't see through their eyes, don't feel through their body. I have this distance...that I never saw...but I think I've lost it now. Does that make sense?

I'm going back to edit. Then I'm going to check with a couple of people that I have got this right, and then I'll try the submission thing again. *sigh* Who knew this was such a long process! LOL

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