Friday, June 24, 2011


Wow, it takes a while to write a story, get feedback, rewrite and polish it up. I'm still working on my virginity story and it's at the rewrite and edit stage. I've also been playing with a short story of an affair. A strange combination of thought, I know.

I've noticed that often erotica with affairs don't stick to the affair. They make it seem like an affair, then wimp out at the end and it's the husband/wife. I nearly did that myself. But it's not right. People have affairs, why shouldn't we talk about it? And erotica is the place to do that, surely. So my affair story is going to be real.

Now, I have to find the time to finish both stories. Short stories are much more fun to write - the time from start writing to finish first draft is quick, then feedback turnaround is quick (so little to read), but the rewriting and editing often take a time - but not as long as a book. That's probably why I like to write erotic short stories - quick turn arounds, quick gratification.

Back to writing now...

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