Friday, May 26, 2017

Phallic Friday - masturbation

My Dad's been visiting so I've been slack on the posts - but I caught some cool fish to post for next Wednesday and a few Wednesdays after, so I didn't neglect the blog totally!!

I wasn't going to post today either (the day is almost over) but I just saw an article about masturbation on the site (you can read it here) and they claim that May is masturbation month - who knew? I didn't! I could have been celebrating all month!!! :)

There are some interesting claims in the article from a survey conducted by the sex toy brand LoveHoney. And given that the survey was done by a sex toy company, maybe the results are a bit skewed...but anyway...

They claim that 21% of men use sex toys at least once a week.

That 10% of women and 30% of men have never used sex toys.

60% of Aussies own more than 5 sex toys, and almost 25% own more than 11 sex toys.

They claim that 81% of women prefer using sex toys. But they don't say what the choices were.

They claim women spend longer (up to 30 mins) than men (about 10 mins) masturbating...which could be a reason for women preferring to use sex toys...but that's not said.

I'm a fan of masturbation and sex toys. I was converted early on after reading a magazine that's now defunct - Australian Women's Forum. They had a series (I think) or articles about sex toys and masturbation and advertised a women's only sex toy shop in Sydney, called The Pleasure Spot. In my late teens/early 20s, I was intrigued, so I went along. The woman who ran the place was awesome. So open about sex and pleasure and encouraging of people exploring their needs and wants. She had a shop full of sex toys and aids and explained then to me. I had no idea what anything was or how anything was used - such a sheltered life! It was an incredible experience. Her sales pitch, openness, and enthusiasm for people understanding sex converted me. I came away with my first vibrator. And then I moved away from Sydney - but she did mail order! When I die, someone is going to be incredibly shocked at my stash of sex toys :)

Are you a fan of sex toys? Did you know it was Masturbation May?

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