Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wildlife Wednesday - spider's webs and eggs

I came across some odd things the other day which I assume are spider's webs holding eggs. I'm not really sure, and I've not a clue how to look these up either!

They were on some tress on the edge of a path. Not hidden, right out in the open. The web part was thick, really thick. These weren't small either, I guess they were a bit bigger than a tennis ball but not as large as a soccer ball, each round part that is. They were maybe 1 metre off the ground.

When I got quite close, there were little black flecks inside the web that I thought looked like baby spiders. But it could be my imagination!

Anyway, there were three of these 'contraptions' within a couple of metres, and then I didn't see any more.

So, any ideas what these are?


  1. no idea what they are - but I don't want to walk into one.

    1. Imagine walking into one in the dark!?!?! I don't know that you'd ever get out!

      Thanks, Miss Lily :)

      Cate xo