Friday, February 26, 2016

Phallic Friday - inspiration

I get all sorts of inspiration in all places - even the craziest thing might spark something in my mind. You probably know from the range of weird posts you find on here from time to time - oh, okay, every week then!

Lately I've been inspired to raunchy thoughts by a bloke (strange I know ;) ). I've no idea what it is about him that makes me think of sex. I wouldn't say he's attractive, but he has some way of looking at me, some intensity in the gaze, that flicks ideas into my head. And no, he doesn't look like Cooper Cronk or Peter Sterling!!

And then on my recent holidays, we went on a helicopter flight and the pilot's job got me thinking story ideas and I mixed that up with my raunchy thoughts.

Inspiration happens at the weirdest moments.

Anyway, a helicopter pilot would be a fun kind of job - it has a Top Gun element which makes it even more fun. I'm a fan of that movie especially the bar scene where Kelly McGillis gives Tom a serve after he thinks he's God's gift to women - crash and burn! :)

Anyway, what if the pilot had a look that made the heroine think of sex? And what if they hooked up? And the sex was hot so they stayed together. What if she hadn't factored in caring about him and thought she was only there for the sex and the travel? And what if... and what if... There are so many story lines.

There you go, inspiration for a new story!

Do you ever get inspired about sex?


  1. I think it's pretty much a human trait to think about sex. They say guys think about sex (insert number of times here because I can't remember) per day... women are probably the same, although they may not equate the thought of 'sex' with the act as such, but maybe with 'ooh, he pushes my buttons' like you mention of your guy above.
    I don't know.
    (I would like a prize for the number of times I say "I don't know" in comments on your blog, Cate)

    1. I think you need a prize for coming to chat to me, Miss Lily :)

      Good point about the difference between men and women. Yes, the 'he pushes my buttons' doesn't always mean the sex act itself for many women. It's just an acknowledgment of hotness :)

      Maybe I need to have some opinions of my own too, rather than posting musings. Then we'd both be saying something instead of the "I don't know" thing :) But I like musing!

      Cate xoxo