Sunday, February 7, 2016

Down & Dusty Facebook Party

The Down & Dusty authors are hosting a Facebook party this afternoon.

If that's your thing, come along for some fun.

There's an Amazon gift voucher to be won!

And lots of silliness no doubt :) Well, when Rhyll and I are on there will be! We start at 3pm.

The party kicks off at 12 noon Australian Eastern Daylight Savings time. And there'll be an author every 30 mins, so until 4 pm. But if you come in late, chat away in post comments and we're bound to talk back - at some stage! Time zones are a pest :)

Holy cow, it looks like almost 100 people are going! Thank goodness it's on FB, real life events with that crowd would have me running! :)

Come and join in the virtual fun. Give me a yell on FB if you need an invite or anything - hopefully I'll work out what to do.

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