Friday, February 12, 2016

Phallic Friday - those three words

I read a book last night that left me confused and it was all about the "I love you" declaration.

A girl and guy worked together and she resented him coming in to 'over rule' her, not only this but she hated the fact that he didn't listen to her. Ever. But, you know, he was hot...and sparks flew when they were together, so they ended up shagging.

Sex was off-the-charts (of course). They're both hot and can't keep their hands off each other even though he still won't listen (even in the bedroom, or wherever they manage to do it) and she still harbours resentment about his role at work.

During one sexual encounter, he is so far into not listening, he doesn't hear her talk about birth control and how she needs to go do something before they continue - he just fucks her. So this not listening is a serious issue and she's really distressed by it and storms off.

Time passes where they're mostly not talking due to the issues. Then they have this awe-inspiring sex again. And within the blink of an eye, she declares, "I love you," and he says, "I love you too."

And I was lost.

She still has issues with him in the work place, she still can't get him to listen to her, yet she loves him? Really? Love? Not Lust?

The rest of the story has her teaching him how to listen by tying him up and doing what she wanted to him, causing him sexual frustration (but this is love, right, not lust). Then ignoring him while he tried to talk to her in the morning.

Then the workplace issues are sorted because her friend reams him out and he listens to the friend.

And then they all live happily ever after.

But I'm still at the disbelieving stage way up there where I'm still not on the love path.

When does lust become love?

I know it's a story and I shouldn't get hung up on it, but what I saw in this story wasn't what I call love. But what is love? What makes you say "I love you"? Can you love someone even with these character flaws that are detrimental to your work and your relationship (and your self-esteem)?

I was left confused.

But maybe it's me. Maybe I'm just more into lust than love.

Do you have any thoughts for me, please? :)


  1. Sounds like a very average book, maybe with some hot sex. ??

  2. It was a big name romance author who ppl rave about, which is probably why I was so surprised. It was weird from anyone but even weirder from an author so highly regarded.

    Cate xo