Friday, May 22, 2015

Phallic Friday - nappies and babies

I know, this topic doesn't seem like the right thing for a Friday, does it? But there's a fetish for people who like to dress up as a baby and be treated as a baby and for those who like to wear nappies and be smacked, punished, and treated like a child. Sometimes this can crossover with the golden showers/scat fetish too.

Here's a UK newspaper article about a couple who not only live with a nappy fetish (the husband is into diapers; the wife is Mummy) but they also run a 'nursery' for adult men to visit by the hour...and they insist that nothing sexual occurs in the sessions. It's stress relieving only.

Along with the hour long visits, they also provide overnight, or 12 hour, stays. With a bonus of 'nappy changes', that are charged extra. And yes, they have adult sized nappies. Actually, from the photos in the article, they have a sized-up nursery complete with cot, high chair, and toys.

They claim to have a lot of male clients who are under 25 years of age, and say that with the increase use of the internet, people are finding themselves/their 'thing' more easily than in the past.

Although the newspaper article claims that sex is not involved in their business, I think sex is often associated with the fetish. Many men masturbate while dressed as a baby. Others like to be masturbated, or sucked, while acting a child.

If you're looking for more information, this article talks of paraphilic infantilism (i.e. individuals who get sexually aroused from being an adult baby) and the associated fetishes that can be attached to this, like being a lactophile (enjoying being wet-nursed), or enjoying urinating or defecating on themselves.

This fetish is not about being interested in children, like a paedophile, but from acting like a child and receiving enjoyment/pleasure from that act.

This fetish is often used for images when people are disparaging fetishes. I've seen many images of an older man dressed in a bib, nappy and bonnet (or something similar) when I've read about fetishes in the past. It somehow seems to be the image, along with a leather-clad, stocking wearing Domme, that signifies 'fetish'. Maybe that's changing now with so many other fetishes becoming recognised and discussed.

How do you feel about changing adult nappies? I have a weak stomach, so it's not my thing!