Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wildlife Wednesday - Lionfish

Lionfish are one of my favourites because you don't see them often, and they're weird. This is a photo of two of them at Lord Howe Island in 2004. They're all frills and spines, looking a bit like a mane. When scared these spines stand up, threatening predators.

The trusty Australian Museum website has a video of lionfish, if you'd like to see them more clearly than my blurry photo. You can go here.

They have venomous fin spines, that are toxic to humans, so don't be going poking at them :)

Neds beach
Continuing my Lord Howe Island theme, here are some photos of places that feature in Deep Diving. Neds Beach features quite a bit. This is the grassy stretch along the last part of the road before the beach. Neds Beach is the home to the fish feeding which occurs every afternoon. It's a beautiful spot and the first time I went to LHI (alone) I spent a lot of time snorkelling here. The second time I went with Mr E, he's not so fond of the water, and he made me hike hills - something I'd never considered before!

LHI has lots of sub-tropical rainforest. This photo along the road from town to Neds Beach shows some of it. Gorgeous palms and ferns, with lots of other trees and shrubs.

Road to Neds beach
At night, the roads are dark as there are no streetlights on most of the roads. It's gorgeous to walk along with your torch in hand and feel the rainforest, catch the twinkling of the stars through the treetops. I did this when I went the first time. The best thing was that I never felt unsafe. It's isolated, but most of the people I met were there for the beauty of the environment, not to harm others. It made travelling alone a complete pleasure. I could chat to people and walk away, knowing I was safe. This was over 10 years ago - so I hope it's that wonderful still.

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